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Coucher de soleil sur Roquebrune Cap Martin.
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Local aerology

Before take-off, please inquire about wind and weather conditions :
1) météo France 06 36 65 02 06
2) telecom beacon of the french free-flying league 08 92 68 04 04
3) radio beacon of the local free-flying sites 143,9875Mhz
4) marine weather report on Monaco radio 161,750 Mhz. (continuous broadcast in both english and french languages)
5) On the spot, don’t hesitate to ask local pilots. That’s may be very useful !

You fly on a site along the sea shore. Wind conditions may change very rapidly.
Consider as a « strong wind », a sustained wind speed over 20 km/h.

As soon as you see little breaking waves on the sea, do not take-off. If you are already air born, land on the beach as quickly as possible.

The hazardous winds are sustained winds (i.e. winds other than thermal breezes) blowing from North-East, East and North-West.

In case of easterly wind, even mild wind, there is a turbulent area above the landing beach, which is under the lee of Cap Martin.

Be aware you are under the lee of Mont Agel in case of northerly winds.
Taking-off and/or soaring over the nearby cliffs may be quite bumpy and even dangerous. Ask local pilots for advice !

Be alert at all times and watch the sea surface. A sea becoming dark or small breaking waves indicate a wind surge.

Easterly wind can pick-up in less than half an hour.

In the evening, the land breeze can pick-up very quickly, resulting in a strong downhill wind blowing across the beach of Golfe Bleu (the landing beach). If you are up in the air and a bit too much offshore, you may not succeed to reach the beach for a dry landing !

Be careful, on the take-off spot, dust-devils can be triggered-off instantaneously by the thermal breezes, combined with north-east wind.

Under westernly wind, a venturi effect is generated in-between the aerials and the small hill above the Vista Palace hotel (i.e. over the road cross to the motorway).

A recall of flying rules

The flying route to the landing beach passes over many obstacles and hazards (aerials, HT cables, buildings, electric cables of railways, etc.). Keep a safe distance to these obstacles.

The thermals which are generated in the cliffs can be violent. Keep a safe distance to the cliffs.

The good thermal areas are scarce and you are quite a lot wanting to spin up inside the same thermal.
Respect the priority rights and the spinning direction dictated by the first pilot entering the thermal.

A recall of landing rules

Before flying, you must be acquainted with the dedicated landing area, located in the middle of the beach « Golfe Bleu ».

During your pre-landing terminal manœuvre, try to locate the visual landmarks. Two wind-socks are there to show you the wind direction.

The wind is seldom parallel to the beach and most of the time it is transverse : from the sea in day time, from the land in the evening. Beware of the induced drift !

The terminal descent phase must be performed above the sea. The best landing technique is the U-turn landing technique.

Do not play with your wing when other pilots attempt to land.

A recall of the flying restrictions

It is strictly forbidden to fly over the landed property of the Prince of Monaco (the Prince’s property is the nice piece of land on top of the nearest cliffs towards the west-side of the take-off spot).
It is also strictly forbidden to fly over the military air control base of Mont Agel (see all specific restriction details elsewhere in this web-site).
It is forbidden to fly over the Principality of Monaco. In case of landing inside the Monaco territory (even in case of emergency landing) the police will seize your equipment and will probably fine you as well !!

[ Municipal decree ]

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