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Regulation regarding the restriction of air flight in the vicinity of the Mont Agel Military Air Control Base

Hereafter is a translated version of the letter issued to the CDVL President by Colonel Eric FULLENWARTH, in command of the Military Base of Roquebrune, regarding the new air flight regulation in the vicinity of the Mont Agel Air Control Base.
This new regulation comes into force on June, the 16th, 2004.

Subject : New air flight regulation LF-R83 applicable in the vicinity of the Mont Agel Military Air Control Base.

The Mont Agel Military Air Control Base, located on the commune of Peille, houses military defence installations.
Owing to the military classification of this area and to the hazards generated by the numerous artificial obstacles, such as aerials, radar scanners, poles, etc., a new regulation, registered under LR-R83, came into force in order to restrict the flights over the Mont Agel Base.
The geographic coordinates and volume of this new restricted area, which will be included in the air traffic maps France-ENR5, are as follows :

Center : point of the restricted area 43°46’17’’ N – 007°25’30’’E
Vertical limit : from ground level up to 100 ft (300 m.) above ground
Restricted volume : cylinder 1.5 Nm radius (926m.) around the center point
Flight rules : Ingress forbidden All flying objects, including hand-gliders and paragliders, must pass round

Enforcing date : June, the 16th, 2004.

Restricted area

Carte de la zone réglementée.

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In order to ensure the everlastingness of the free-flying site of Roquebrune and to ensure safety in the vicinity of the Mont Agel military base, all free-flyers are imperately requested not to penetrate inside the restricted area.

Thanks to all of you and enjoy your flight

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