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Welcome on the official website of the paragliding club of Roquebrune Cap Martin (French Riviera)

Paragliding Roquebrune

Free Flying Site of Mont Gros

You have just landed on one of the most beautiful and most famous seaside paragliding spots in Europe.
In winter, when northern Europe is covered with snow, we perform the nicest flights in sunshine!
However, a very strict flying legislation is put in place by the French air control Authorities and by the Town-Hall of RCM :

A new regulation regarding the flights over the military air control base of Mont Agel came into force as of June the 16th, 2004.
You MUST be aware of this new regulation before taking-off.

Further to complaints lodged by aircraft pilots against paragliders flying at forbidden altitudes (4500 m. at La Colmiane, versus 3505 m. authorized ceiling level), the french Board of Civil Aviation strongly draws the attention of all of us on the current free-flighing regulation in the vicinity of the Terminal Manoeuvring Area 9 of Alpes-Maritimes. To scrutinize absolutely.

  Zone LF-R 83

File kmz Google Earth Mont Agel : LF-R 83 Mont Agel

We invite all our free-flying friends to become acquainted with and to scrupulously respect the current free-flying regulations in order to ensure the everlastingness of this site.

Have a nice tour and enjoy your flights.

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